Product history


Granting of the first general supervisory approval for the ESZ pyramid bearing (Z-16.32-195). The ESZ pyramid bearing has proven itself over the last 25 years as a bearing for static component support as well as a bearing for impact sound and structure-borne noise insulation. The approval for the ESZ pyramid bearing is the only approval for a profiled elastomer material.


Granting of the general supervisory approval for the ESZ material type 200 (Z-16.32-408). The design concept according to Topaloff’s theory enables for the first time the engineering design of elastomer bearings in building construction, taking into account the parameters of pressure, torsion and support geometry.

The permissible total sheer stress of 7.5 N/mm² with a maximum permissible pressure of 20 N/mm² remains the optimum for building construction bearings to the present day.


Granting of the first and so far the only general supervisory approval for a sliding bearing in building construction (ESZ sliding bearing hose, Z-16.32-417).


Market introduction of the ESZ LeCo insulating block NRS material as a point bearing for vibration absorption.


Establishment of the company’s own test laboratory. ESZ can now perform pressure tests up to a maximum load of 5,000 kN and dynamic tests using the free oscillation method. ESZ is thus able to develop proposals for solutions to special customer requirements and to perform requirement-related tests.


Development of the first bearing design program for fixed bearings in building construction; from June 2008 successful use by more than one thousand planning consultancies.


Market introduction of the patent-pending Vibranon material as a laminar bearing for vibration absorption and structure-borne noise insulation. Together with the ESZ LeCo insulation block NRS, that completes the product range.